.nz Domain Name Commission

.nz Additional search functionality consultation - Submission
From: Steven Heath
Received: October 5 2009

October 2nd 2009

I have read the proposed changes to the .nz search functionality.

I do not believe that any costs should be involved. Either the public has access and the ability search on certain aspects or they do not. Creating a charging mechanism for certain searches would appear to create a significant cost to each party, the Office of the DNC for processing this request and payment and the requester for processing and actual payment method.

I believe that the ability to search the .nz registry should similar to that of the Companies Office or Intellectual Property Office (IPONZ). Domain names are broadly similar to both of these as they all have a multiple aspects and relate to an intangible license or ‘exclusive’ right to use.

For a company you can search on its name, or part there of, director or shareholder. You can even search on previous entity name and address. With IPONZ you can search any of the Patent or Trade Mark protections based on a myriad of options ranging from a basic ‘search all fields’ to name, status, class, etc. This will display all entries that match the criteria. For example a search on ‘DNC’ returns information on four registered trademarks for InternetNZ, a further registered trademark for Delaware North Companies Inc and an abandoned trademark. Each has ability to see further details on each of them.

Why should a search in the .nz registry be any different?

I therefore propose that the .nz registry should be searched on:

  • Domain name, regardless of 2LD, with three or more characters
  • Contact name (Registrant, Admin, or Technical) with three or more characters
  • Contact email (Registrant, Admin, or Technical) with a valid email address (i.e., user @ domain name)

Where a search provides multiple matches then the user has the ability to provide more detail to refine the search or select from the list an entry for further detail.

To allow monitoring of this search function restricting the search interface to just those searches originating from the DNC website would be acceptable. This would allow WHOIS service to be maintained without change while providing this extra ability within control of the Office of the DNC.

In summary, if the Companies Office and IPONZ provide a wide range of search functionality for the public for their registries why does .nz not provide a similar service? What is so different about a domain name compared to a company name or trade mark?

Steven Heath