.nz Domain Name Commission


.nz Additional Search Functionality Consultation - Submission
From: Phillip McCabe
Received: July 27 2009

I am a lawyer specialising in intellectual property since 1968. I act for companies and individuals in various countries and regularly research intellectual property titles around the world. The bulk of this research is done online and requires no payment to access the various databases. During all that time the trend has been towards making information freely available to anyone wishing to look for it. There is nothing in New Zealand law that requires details of domain name holders to be kept confidential.

I do not know why you want to make things so complicated when it is quite unnecessary. Presumably the domain name registries are funded by subscriptions paid by domain name holders. In my opinion pretty much anyone else has a legitimate interest in knowing who owns a particular domain name and that information should be freely available without a fee. If you do that, it will simply reflect the universal practice of organisations responsible for, for example, trademark databases and for that matter other intellectual property databases. There is no good reason to treat domain name registrations any differently and, to do so, is a backward step.

Philip McCabe