InternetNZ, through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner, is reviewing the existing Second Level Domains (2LD) Policy. The current policy can be viewed at

A Working Group (WG) was set up to work on the review and they undertook a random survey regarding how people viewed the .nz space and what knowledge they had of domain names. A summarised version of the results can be read at

The WG considered the issues that needed to be addressed as part of the review and prepared a background paper for people to use as a basis when making submissions. This background paper is at Submissions received from the first public consultation, based on the questions asked in the background paper, can be seen at A document summarising those submissions is at

Following consideration of the submissions made, the WG drafted a proposed new policy. This policy maintained domain name registrations at the third level but proposed a simpler process for creating new second level domains using a set of objective criteria as the basis of whether a new second level domain is acceptable or not. This draft of the policy can be read at As submissions were received they were placed on the DNC website at

The WG met on 28 April to consider the submissions, to make amendments to the draft policy and to begin work on the process and forms for creating new 2LDs and changing the status of existing ones - Part B of the new policy. The draft of the process can be found at Submissions received in relation to the process are at

Note: some of the references in Part B of the policy to clauses in Part A do not match the clause numbers in the previously published draft policy, version 1.2.5. The revised policy part (Part A) can be seen at


It is hoped that the following timetable will prove achievable, but it is subject to agreement of other bodies not under the WG's control:

28 June - NZOC meeting discusses draft 2LD policy.

28 August - Target date to InternetNZ Council, depending on NZOC decision.

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