Complaints in .nz

The Domain Name Commission has the mandate to handle complaints about .nz when it comes to various reasons. Some information about the main type of complaints we deal with can be found below, for more information check out the links to your left, or contact us.

Data validation

Under .nz policy, Registrants of .nz domain names must provide details that they are contactable at. The Domain Name Commission has a process that it follows when we are made aware of inaccurate registration information. 

Dispute Resolution Service

.nz Domain Names are registered on a first come, first served basis. However, disputes do arise over who should be the registrant of a domain name should be, and the Domain Name Commission administers a service to help in these situations.

Other Complaints

These are also several other complaints that the Domain Name Commission is able to handle relating to .nz domain names and the providers of these.