The Process

The Conflicted Name Process is how conflicted registrants can agree among themselves who (if anyone) is able to register the shorter .nz name.

Before beginning, please note that only registrants involved in the conflict are able to take part in the process.

How the process works:

  1. Contact your Registrar (domain name provider) and ask for a new UDAI for your existing domain name 
  2. Go to the manage your preference page 
  3. Enter your existing domain name and UDAI in the boxes provided
  4. You'll be presented with the following three preferences.
    • You want to try and get the shorter version of your domain name
    • You don’t think anyone should get it
    • You don’t want it and don’t care who gets it
  5. Select your preferred option and press Submit:
  6. Confirm your preference by selecting ‘This is correct’. At this point, if you've changed your mind you can go back and select another preference.
  7. You'll be taken to a page telling you that we've received your preference. You'll then be sent a confirmation email.

If you hold all the conflicted names 

If you hold all the conflicted names, select ‘I want to try and get the shorter version of my domain name’ for one of your existing names, press ‘Submit’ and follow the process to the end’.

Repeat the entire process for each of your other conflicted names, but for these select ‘I don’t want the shorter version of my domain name and don’t care who gets it’. Do this separately for each of your conflicted names.

After you've completed the process:

If the conflicted name resolves after you've lodged your preference, you'll be sent a confirmation email that tells you know how to register the conflicted name.

If the conflicted name doesn't resolve:  

  • You'll be sent a confirmation email, letting you know we have received your preference.
  • After the other registrants involved in the conflict have lodged their preference we'll contact you and let you know the outcome.
  • If a clear outcome does not result from everyone lodging their preference we may offer a facilitation service.
  • If there's no result from the facilitation service the conflicted name will be unavailable for registration.