Conflicted Name Process

A conflicted name is a name direct at the second level which is unable to be registered until its conflict status is resolved.

With conflicted names, variants of the name exist in more than one second level of .nz. 

For example, ​one registrant may hold while others may hold or These registrants all have rights in the conflicted name 

Check Conflict Status

Check the status of any .nz name here. If the name is conflicted it will return a status of 'Conflicted'.

Reaching agreement - the Conflicted Name Process: 

Registrants involved in a conflicted name need to agree among themselves who can register the name. 

Agreement can only be reached by taking part in the Conflicted Name Process. This works by having each registrant lodge a preference online.

If the preferences lodged don't result in agreement (or if not all preferences are lodged), then the conflicted name is unavailable for registration.  

More information:

More detail about the Conflicted Name Process can be found here. You can also: